Today For Animals
My role
UX/UI Designer
Project started on January 2023, no specific deadline.
Team size
Tech organization (VeganHacktivists)
Important note: More of the case study/project brief can be made available for interviews, this page summarizes the project and doesn’t go into too much detail to protect my work from potential theft, and for the organization’s privacy concerns.
The Product
This volunteering app aims to address the challenge of increasing volunteer engagement and involvement in the animal cause. By utilizing gamification techniques, the app seeks to provide a motivating and interactive platform for users who want to make a difference but may be unsure of where to start or lack a sense of fulfillment in their activism efforts.
The Problem
Through secondary research, several key pain points were identified. Users often faced difficulties in knowing where to begin their activism journey, especially if they were new to it. Additionally, time constraints were a common barrier for potential volunteers. Users expressed a desire to feel more involved and to see tangible outcomes from their activism. Existing apps lacked the ability to sustain user interest and motivation, leading to a decline in volunteer participation.
The Solution
Based on my research findings, the solution would be the usage of gamification to increase user participation and address the identified problems. By incorporating game-like elements such as challenges, achievements, progress tracking, and rewards, the app aims to provide a sense of purpose, engagement, and measurable impact. Users will have a clear roadmap to guide their volunteering efforts, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the animal cause.
My Responsibilities
- I conducted a secondary research to explore the challenges faced by users in activism and identified potential solutions. I presented the research findings in a simple, clear and concise manner, utilizing charts to help understanding and establish connections with the product's features. I worked on the information architecture with the aim of keeping the app aligned with its initial product goal, i.e. keeping a low number of screens. I designed the app's user interface, building upon a previous iteration created by another UI designer. I created a high-fidelity prototype for the MVP, aligning with the design style guide provided by our design lead.

- Currently, I am actively involved in the MVP’s development and gathering feedback. Afterwards, my goal is to conduct a usability test, collaborating with my team lead and other leaders to recruit users for the test. The usability test will provide valuable insights to further improve the app's design and functionality. Ultimately, I will present the test findings and recommendations for the final iteration, contributing to the continuous improvement of the gamified volunteering platform.
Low Fidelity Wireframes
After conducting a thorough comparison of various platforms and apps related to volunteering and non-profit organization, I identified a notable opportunity to introduce gamification elements, which were found to be lacking in existing solutions.

On the other hand, significant emphasis was placed on:
- Ensuring the app is fun, enjoyable, and user-friendly for both volunteers and charities.
- Fostering a strong sense of community among users.
- Encouraging users to initiate actions and take the first step towards volunteering.
- Providing robust support to volunteers and organizations throughout their journey.

These findings shed light on the potential areas of improvement and enhancement for the animal volunteer app, with a focus on incorporating gamification elements to enhance engagement and motivation among users.
Information Architecture
Since the user flow had already been established during the brainstorming stage and the project leaders started the project with it, I didn't need to make any modifications to any of the user paths. Instead, my task was to adhere to the instructions of keeping the information architecture concise by keeping the number of screens as low as possible.
Information Architecture revised
Followed by additional brainstorming sessions and getting feedback from various stakeholders, the information architecture received a few modifications.
Style Guide
Our design lead, being the expert graphic designer of the team, handled the entire branding process. The style guide was a big part of the project she took on. Thus the colors, typography, and logo were made by her. My role is not involved in this aspect of the project, I will however just add some screens for context purpose.
UI elements
After our design lead established the app's style guide and branding, I took the responsibility for the remaining UI elements and made sure to design all components and kept them in line with our branding.
All buttons in the web app meet AAA contrast requirements. If the contrast requirements are not met, which can happen with gradient backgrounds, AA contrast is still achieved. Navigation using keyboard only, or device to assist users with a disability are considered and must be tested. Using alt text is planed. Buttons clickability should pose no issue, the low fidelity prototype and MVP all seem to pass.
Current MVP
User Testing: Round 1
The first round of user testing is currently on going. This page will be updated once this stage is completed.
Testimonials & Appreciation
While the project is ongoing, here's a snippet of the positive feedback I personally received: "I just want to give a shout-out to Nicolas, because he's been so dedicated to Today For Animals, and he's been instrumental to the current design for this project. He's been put forward a lot of creative ideas, and is always so eager to help, and so patient, so kind. Nicolas has actually been volunteering with us for over two years as of this July, he definitely deserves a shoutout for that."