Hey, I’m Nicolas.
I’m a UX & UI Designer.
I specialize in web and mobile design. Contact me for tasks you need done or for collaborations.
A video game recommendation platform that addresses the limitations of current recommendation tools.
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Mock-up for the project GameRec,  two iPhone screens, in front of a gradient turquoise background. The left screen displays the search function where users can type in a game they're looking for. A list of potential game titles is displayed. The right screen shows the home screen, stating "Welcome to GameRech", including a written summary of its function and a search bar.
Mock-up for the project Today for Animals, snippet of a regular screen, in front of a gradient blue-turquoise background. The screen displays different tasks such as "I will help at the community garden", which users can select. Every task has a different coloured icon. At the bottom right of each task points are displayed which can be earned by completing a task. Each task has a an estimated difficulty level (easy, medium or hard)
Today For Animals
UX & UI DESIGN / Ongoing project
A gamified platform to aid animal volunteer initiatives.
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Hacktivist Data
A user-friendly dashboard to track an organization's efforts in the animal rights cause.
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Mock-up for the project Hacktivist Data, snippet of a regular screen, in front of a gradient orange-pink background. The screen displays the hero section and states  "Great Data robust activism for the animals". Below this text one can see a pink button with the CTA "start now".